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New Breakthrough Tech Protects ALL Your Digital Assets & Help you Achieve Full Peace of Mind with Real-Time Automated Security Monitoring & Audit Report.

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How About a Simple and Effective
Security Monitoring and Protection?

And This and More, is How Soteria can Help your customers stay secured online

With Soteria, we have a complete combination of a Robust Security Audit and Monitoring and a Complete WordPress firewall and Protection Plugin so your customers can truly keep their digital assets safe and secured for a lifetime.

More on this later…
But First

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Affiliates are Saying

“ Star Partner - Great Product ”

Godswill has been a great partner and constantly go hard to deliver sales to our launches always. I really loved Soteria and saw the huge effort he put in.

Neil Napier Marketing Expert

“ Got my Approval ”

I checked out Soteria last early on and immediately gave my approval. Great Product and on the affiliate side, Godswill has consistently delivered huge numbers for us

Abhi Dwivdi Marketing Expert

“ This is how you crush a Niche ”

The overall position of this offer shows how much Godswill wants to deliver Value. From the quality to the features this is top notch and exactly how to crush a Niche

Missan Morrison Marketing Expert

“ Fine Offer ”

I have worked with Godswill for Years and can vouch for his work ethic and Product development excellence and Soteria is a step in the right direction.

Ifiok Nkem Marketing Expert

Is Set To Be A Massive Launch

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Thanks and welcome to a one-of-a-kind product launch.

A Solid security Audit and protection software, and I’m super excited to invite you to join me for this massive blockbuster launch with your HELP!

For this launch we have positioned the offer to not only help your customers secure their digital assets, but also provide all the features and resources to run a successful agency helping local business with simple security audit services.

I believe will this greatly benefit EVERYONE as long as you have a website online or plan to.

Soteria is a first to Market Simple Web Security Platform for website owners to keep their digital asset secure with realtime monitoring/audit and active wordpress website protection. Soteria also provides great agency features like detailed automated web analysis at set frequencies and custom report branding.

Use Soteria to get web security peace of mind and a lucrative services delivering simple web security audit and protection services to local businesses

A Robust Web Security Audit and Monitoring Suite
A Complete WordPress Protection/Firewall Plugin
3 Steps

Add Website

Add your websites/Digital in a few clicks to Soteria Secutiy engine

Setup and Activate

Activate your Monitoring Schedule and your wordpress Plugin

Enjoy and Profit

Enjoy peace of mind and protection and get paid helping local businesses do same

Watch Soteria In Action

The Fastest, Easiest & Smartest Way To Protect all your Websites Digital Assets Online & Build A Security Audit Agency Business !

Feature Breakdown!
Explore our features set to satisfy your customers in 2 Parts.

Simple Security Monitoring & Reporting

Its great to first point out how simple and easy Soteria is. We have created a direct and easy Dashboard and Clear Reporting so users can get up and running in no time.

Website Surface Security Monitoring

Add your website and digital assets in no time and Continuously discover and monitor all Internet-facing assets that you host with Surface Monitoring.

  • Cover your entire public DNS footprint, including ports.
  • No complex configurations to get started.
  • Fingerprint your tech stack.
  • Discover the attack surface of your network targets, including subdomains, open ports and running services.
  • Map web application technologies, take screenshots, detect WAFs and discover hidden files by fuzzing.

Vulnerability Scanning

Web Application Scanning

  • Use our powerful, custom Website Vulnerability Scanner to accurately detect common vulnerabilities (e.g. XSS, SQLi, OS Command injection) in classic and modern web applications.
  • Quickly identify specific security issues with dedicated scanners for API vulnerabilities and widely used CMSs (WordPress).
  • Dedicated WordPress Plugin for Active Firewall and Protection

Network Scanning

  • Uncover a wide range of infrastructure security issues with our Network Vulnerability Scanner, a custom tool which finds unnecessary open ports, missing security patches, service misconfigurations, and critical CVEs (Log4shell, ProxyShell, etc.).
  • Find weak credentials and prove the risk of unauthorized access with our Password Auditor tool


Exploit critical CVEs, gain initial access, extract sensitive files and more with Sniper – Auto Exploiter.

Show your customers the real impact of your findings by extracting powerful evidence and creating strong proof-of-concepts.

Also exploit web vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS and more, extracting data to demonstrate real security risks.

Detailed Security Audit Reports

Users can Schedule the Analytics Reports to be sent out to Clients based on set frequencies. Users can Eaisily brand these analytics and reports data and send to clients with their logo and branding each time…

Realtime Continuous Security Monitoring

Continuously mapping your attack surface is half the battle; that’s why we run daily, continuous tests on assets we’ve identified. Easily begin discovering known and unknown assets within minutes of turning on the platform.

  1. Schedule periodic vulnerability scans.
  2. Automatically send reports to Email.
  3. Get notified when high risk issues are found or when other custom conditions are met
  4. Daily
  5. Hourly
  6. Weekly
  7. Custom

Visualize your Scan Results in the Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you an overview of your scan results. The all-in-one place to visualize your scan activity, a graphical summary of vulnerabilities found, and the list of your latest scans.

Detailed reports and Reporting

We focus on making the reports as friendly and human-readable as possible. Each tool report starts with a visual summary of the results and continues with the Findings section. Here you can find details about vulnerabilities found, including description, evidence, risk, and recommendations for fixing them.

Branded Reports:
With the White label feature, you can customize your security reports and add your brand company’s logo name instead of the Soteria Report one.

Scan multiple targets at once with Bulk Scanning

You can also select multiple targets that you want to scan and run a scanner against them. It starts a new scan for each target, which you can visualize in the Scans view.

Organize your work with Shared Items & Workspaces

Workspaces are a good way to group your targets based on the project that you’re working at, the client name, workflow, etc. All the work that you are doing goes into the current workspace (which can be set from the dropdown menu). However, you can move targets between workspaces and delete them if they are no longer necessary. You can also share any part of any workspace with your coworkers and members of the same master account.


Keep a history of your scans and compare them over time

Having a history of your scans allows you to see how the security of your targets has evolved. You can compare old results with new ones and see what has changed. Plus, you can choose to delete scan history permanently.


Our Sentry plugin lets you take care of all your security issues in just minutes with only one click. That’s right. If you have a WordPress site, you only need to install the plugin once, click to run it, and let it make your site as secure as Ft. Knox.

End to End WordPress Firewall Protection Modules

Active WordPress Protection Modules

Our WordPress Plugin comes with 4 Core Modules that provides real time protection and firewall. Users can easily activate SQLi, Spam. Proxy Protection Modules to get active firewall Protection..

For example, Say goodbye to malicious SQL injections! Soteria’s’s SQLI Protection feature secures your website from unauthorized database access, keeping your sensitive data safe and sound. With Soteria’s Proxy Protection, you can block sneaky users hiding behind proxies, ensuring only legitimate visitors access your site. No more cloak-and-dagger business!

SQLI Protection

Say goodbye to malicious SQL injections! Soteria’s's SQLI Protection feature secures your website from unauthorized database access, keeping your sensitive data safe and sound.

Proxy Protection

With Soteria's Proxy Protection, you can block sneaky users hiding behind proxies, ensuring only legitimate visitors access your site. No more cloak-and-dagger business!

Spam Protection

Soteria's Spam Protection feature tackles pesky spam head-on, filtering out unwanted comments and messages. Enjoy a cleaner, more enjoyable online experience!


DNSBL Integration

Leveraging DNSBL's powerful blacklisting capabilities, Marshal keeps your website free from known malicious IPs and domains. Peace of mind, guaranteed!

Comprehensive WordPress Protection Tools

Robust WordPress Security Tools

Soteria WordPress security plugin will protect your website from hackers, attacks and other threats. It will protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injections), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, VPN Visitors, TOR Visitors, Spam, Malicious Files (Viruses) and many other types of threats.

Soteria uses an intelligent algorithm (similar to the ones used by major industry companies) to detect all known hacker attacks as well as new unknown threats using code recognition and patterns, and automatically takes action.

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Soteria's Intelligent Pattern Recognition identifies suspicious activity patterns, proactively detecting and stopping emerging threats before they cause damage.

Industrial-Strength Algorithms

Powered by robust, cutting-edge algorithms, Soteria ensures your site's security remains airtight and up-to-date. Protection you can trust!

Headers Check

Soteria's Headers Check feature meticulously examines HTTP headers for any security loopholes or inconsistencies, making sure your site stays rock-solid.

Login History

Keep track of all login attempts with Soteria’s Login History feature, allowing you to spot any suspicious activity and safeguard your website's access points

.htaccess Editor

Edit your .htaccess file with ease using Soteria's built-in .htaccess Editor, allowing for quick and convenient security adjustments.

PHP Configuration Checker

Soteria's PHP Configuration Checker ensures your server's PHP settings are optimized for maximum security, helping to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

System Information

Stay informed about your server's vital stats with Soteria's System Information feature, enabling you to monitor and maintain peak performance and security.

Intelligent Bots and Spam Firewall

WordPress Bot Protection

Soteria shields your website from nasty bots and crawlers that can harm your SEO, drain resources, or scrape your content. Guard your site with confidence! 

Ban System

Soteria's Ban System lets you take control, enabling you to block and ban users engaging in harmful activities. Show them the door!

Bad Bots & Crawlers Protection

Soteria shields your website from nasty bots and crawlers that can harm your SEO, drain resources, or scrape your content. Guard your site with confidence!

Fake Bots Protection

Soteria's Fake Bots Protection sniffs out and stops imitation bots in their tracks, ensuring only legitimate crawlers access your website. No more deception!

Auto Ban

Soteria’s Auto Ban automatically blacklists users engaging in harmful behavior, keeping your website safe and secure without manual intervention. Set it and forget it!

All round stats and Activity Logs

Logs and Stats

The Soteria Plugin comes with Detailed logs and Stats that not only provides complete data but also offer necessary info incase of a breach. This Includes Threat Logs, Login History, Detailed logs and many more.

Threat Logs

Soteria's Ban System lets you take control, enabling you to block and ban users engaging in harmful activities. Show them the door!

Detailed Logs

Soteria’s Detailed Logs give you a comprehensive view of your website's security events, helping you stay informed and proactive.

E-mail Notifications

Soteria's Fake Bots Protection sniffs out and stops imitation bots in their tracks, ensuring only legitimate crawlers access your website. No more deception!

Dashboard With Stats

Soteria’s user-friendly Dashboard With Stats offers an at-a-glance overview of your site's security, making it easy to monitor and manage.

Tools to Analyse and Secure

Traffic Analytics

Soteria comes loaded with huge traffic and visitor analytics that shows detailed info of traffic with metrics like device, country, active visitors, IP and more.

Live Traffic Analytics

Soteria’s Live Traffic Analytics feature gives you real-time insight into visitor activity, helping you spot any unusual behavior and protect your website.

Visit Analytics

Soteria’s Visit Analytics provides valuable data on user activity, enabling you to make informed decisions about your website's security and performance.

Errors Monitoring

Soteria’s Errors Monitoring feature diligently tracks and reports errors, ensuring you're always aware of any potential issues. Stay ahead of the game!

LP & File Whitelist

Soteria’s LP & File Whitelist lets you create custom rules, ensuring your essential pages and files remain accessible while your website stays secure.

Works for all Website Types

Is Set To Be A Massive Launch

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The Product and Marketing

From the Quality of the Product to the Designs, The Copy and the Launch Preparation you can See the Effort we are putting in to make this a Huge Success and WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN DO IT

Rock-Solid SAAS Product

History of SOLID products and this time, we spent a Fortune building the Most Robust and Mass Appeal Web Security Solution.

Premium SalesCopy

The Copy is done by 7 figures copywriter, No expense was saved and we have tested this in and out. So conversions should be through the roof

Premium Support

We are committed to LongTerm Support. You can Promote this with Confidence knowing that this will be Supported with a 5 STAR Rating and on track to be maintained for a lifetime

Mass Appeal

History of SOLID products that generated six figures in gross sales revenue and this time we are releasing the Biggest one Yet and was built primarily as a SAAS

Comprehensive Solution

This is not just a software but a full blown offer with literally everything to crush this market and build a business long term further increasing value.

Impeccable Presentation

We went the extra mile to ensure the best marketing Design. Some might argue it’s one of the best product designs in JVZoo. So can be rest assured the presentation will be top class

Webinar Bundle


Huge Launch Webinars

We are ready to go Heavy on the Webinars. We have the biggest webinar presenter in the industry running prelaunch and private webinars for the launch on demand. We will also be giving away 60% on the Prelaunch Webinars

Our Products Converts


Launch Revenue


Launch Revenue


Launch Revenue

This is No ‘Fluke’, Together with My Partners, I go “all out” in terms of quality and production every single time. No expense has been spared whatsoever. Rock solid products + Kick ass marketing funnels == $$


When We Go Out We Go HARD
And Your Participation On This Launch Won’t Go Unnoticed!


Individuals Only


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Teams allowed & No Minimums!


First Price


Second Price

SELL Like CRAZY Sales Funnel
Highly Congruent and High Converting Funnel: Every upgrade is a PERFECT complement to the FE to maximize your earnings per sale

Soteria Premium


Standard Licence of Soteria Web security Audit and Monitoring Tool + Standard Access to the WordPress Plugin.

Fast Pass

The Fast-Pass Includes all the Upgrades Bundled up and sold as the first Upgrade. We also adding additional Bonuses to increase conversions



Access to Unlimited Brands and Workspaces and Websites to secure. You can use our Worpress plugin on unlimited websites

Soteria Agency



Comes with Agency Rebranding tools, Report Branding and Additional Done for You Agency Assets to quickly launch a security audit and monitoring agency

Reseller Licence


This upsell enables users to RESELL Soteria and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to profit make money selling software products.

Users get;

  • Resellers license
  • Resellers dashboard
  • Manual & Auto account creation
  • Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)
  • Done for you customer support for life
  • … and many more

Bundle Strategy
60% Commission for the First 2 hours of Launch

We will be selling the Bundle at 267 Onetime and $97 Yearly on the Prelaunch and Also Offering a Whooping 60% on the Bundle for the First 2 Hours of Launch.

We are also Planning to Run Numerous private webinars for our Affiliates. Reach out to us for bookings.

Huge Affiliate Resources

We have Put together a Comprehensive list of Affiliate Resources to provide everything single thing you need to make this a successful Promotion

Email Swipes

Use our high converting email swipes to make sure your promotion pops off!


Use our professionally designed graphics in your promos for websites and ads.

JV Launch Sheet

See the entire Launch Info at a glance with our JV Launch Sheet.

PDF Report

Brandable PDF Report you can use to promote the Prelaunch.


Use our professionally designed graphics in your promos for your websites and ads.


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Need Something Else?

If you have any questions or need any other help with your promotion, please contact us at with the subject line “JV: Soteria Partner”.

Or Contact Our Team Directly

Godswill Okoyomon


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